Our Suppliers

Here is a short presentation of our suppliers. A good complement to this information is to visit our suppliers’ own web-sites by clicking their logotypes. 

Tournament Sports
Tournament Sports in Waterloo, Ontario, not far from Toronto is one of our biggest suppliers. The shoe Tour Classic and the Ultima, the best-selling brush the Performance Fiberglass, gloves, trousers and much more all come from Tournament Sports. The company has an interesting co-operation going with one of the greatest curling players; Kevin Martin, who has won the Brier a number of times and who also has a fantastic technique as a curling player. Together with K Martin Tournament has developed a new curling shoe, the Ultima, which was brought into the Swedish market in the autumn of 2003.

Arnold Asham, a devoted curling player, introduced the RED BRICK SLIDER in 1978. This was a new slider, different from anything else the curling world had seen so far and definitely faster than any slider made at that time. A Asham made the shoes himself at home at this point, but he soon captured the curling world with his fantastic curling shoes. Today Asham Curling Supplies is one of the most well known trademarks in curling, with their large selection of curling products. We keep Asham Elite Curling shoes in stock, both with a Teflon slider and the classical Red Brick Slider. We also keep a number of other products from Asham Curling Supplies and are happy to help you order other products apart from those we have in stock from Asham.

Balance Plus
Lino Di Ioro started with curling as late as in 1996. More or less immediately he changed the view on what the perfect curling shoe should look like. He developed and marketed his ideas within his company BalancePlus Sliders Inc. L. Di Ioro has since 1996 continued his devoted work with further technical development in our sport. He has e.g. a training centre and has also developed aides to match and measure the curl of the curling rock and its sliding ability. We keep the “Balance Plus DeLuxe – the shoe with a hole” in stock. This shoe is without doubt the ultimate curling shoe and has found itself being the obvious choice for most of the curling world elite.

Most of our products for the clubs come from The Thompson Rink Supplies, Manitoba. We sell handles for rocks, equipment for pebbling, measurement instruments, scrapers etc etc. Only a small part of the Thompson products are kept in stock, but we order continuously on behalf of the clubs and according to the clubs’ requests. What we do keep in stock are handles in three colours, hacks and equipment for pebbling. Up till the 1990’s The Thompson Broom was a great supplier of the classical broom. 

The Stabilizer
The idea for The Stabilizer was developed by Earl Morris, a devoted curler and father of one of the really great promises for the future: John Morris, twice gold medallist in the Junior World Championships. The first prototype of The Stabilizer came in use in 1995. One year later the Canadian Curling Association (CCA) decided to approve of its use as sliding equipment. The selling of The Stabilizer started during the following years and is now a common help for the curler to achieve the perfect balance and stability. We keep The Stabilizer FS1 in stock and can also order other products from The Stabilizer selection.

The 8-ENDER has been a very well known trademark within the curling sport for a long time. The 8-ENDER used to be one of the great producers of the classical curling broom. The 8-ENDER is a trademark owned by Furgale Industries Ltd. Furgale is constantly developing new curlingproducts for the market. We keep the company’s biggest product the 8-ENDER Transformer and the classical horse hair brush 8-ENDER Iceman 6” and 8” in stock. The reason for the name “transformer” is because you can change the brush head’s angle to get as close to the rock as possible, but you can also change the synthetic brush head to a conventional horse hair brush head if wanted.

Rockwatcher. One important development within the technical side of curling is the use of timekeeping to help judging the speed of the rocks and the changes of the ice during a game. The elite in Swedish curling used timekeeping as early as in the 80’s and Swedish teams were the first to use stop-watches during the World Championships. In the beginning the timekeeping was a method to measure how fast the rock went across the ice and to see how that might change during the game. From the middle of the 1990’s though, it has become more and more common to also measure the speed that the curler him- or herself deliver the rock. To “split-time” is something almost every elite team do. While taking the split-time it’s essential to have the watch close by as well as being able to keep focus on sweeping. For that matter The Rockwatcher is an unbeatable help. Do as the rest of the world’s curling elite – get yourself a Rockwatcher!

Canada Curling Stone CO.
Curling Clubs should all have in place a plan of action when it comes to their stones. At some point in time, all curling clubs will have to do something with their stones. Being the most important part of a curling club, the question then arises, how and when will a club know if they have problem stones? Canada Curling Stone supplies new stones and recondition old. Contact us and we can help you and your club with reconditioning of your old stones!

Hardline Curling

We stock brushes and pads from Hardline. Hardline also has a number of other products, such as pants, gloves and shoes.